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    Analysis of the foreign trade situation in 2014 before the three quarter of Medi
    作者:adminl 來源: 日期:2014-11-05 19:13:26

           At present, the world economy has improved, but the major economies has yet to stabilizeexternal demand, there are variables, trade protectionism situation is grim, the enterprise comprehensive cost high, difficult transformation of industrial structure. China's pharmaceuticaltrade will continue to move forward in the domestic and international background of theperplexing.

           2014 1~9 months, China's pharmaceutical import and export total 72537000000 dollars, year on year growth of 9.72%. Among them, exports amounted to 40454000000 US dollars, an increase of 6.62%; imports amounted to 32083000000 US dollars, an increase of 13.9%; foreign trade surplus of $8370000000, 14.37% year-on-year decline. Pharmaceutical trade continue to maintain low speed growth, but growth continued to slow, the overall development of the difficulties can not be underestimated.

           Along with the international economic environment improvement, continued to enhance the pace of upgrading the endogenous dynamic transformation of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises,and support countries in the medicine policy, market environment and other aspects of theincrease, in 2014 China's pharmaceutical development of foreign trade will show overall goodsituation, a full year growth will appear after the former high-low trend. Various factors, is expected to reach 10% of the growth Chinese Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade in 2014, the exportgrowth of around 7%, import growth 14%.

           The commodity structure of 1

           Traditional Chinese medicine: export import growth fell

    1~9 month, traditional Chinese medicine products import and export total 3344000000 dollars,year on year growth of 9.99%; export 2586000000 US dollars, year on year growth of 13.9%;imported 758000000 US dollars, 1.55% year-on-year drop.

           As the main export of plant extracts, high two digit growth maintained 24.09%; health care products, medicine and Yinpian export growth respectively 8.78% and 6.04%; Chinese medicineappeared in volume fell 9.14%, the price increase 8.07% situation, caused the overall decline in the amount of proprietary Chinese medicines exported nearly 2 percentage points, is the onlytraditional Chinese medicine products amount decline. Analysis of the reasons, in addition totraditional Chinese medicine propaganda should be strengthened, the domestic enterpriseendogenous power needs to be improved, foreign policy constraints and Chinese medicine in the EU market registration problems should not be ignored. Such as the UK agency since May 1, 2014 to stop selling non licensed herbal products, the ban caused some impact on China'sexports to the EU market.

           Imports, imports of crude drug and $166000000, grow 14.6% compared to the same period, the amount of imports growth depends on import prices rise compared to the same period 47.88%pull. The plant extract imported US $229000000, fell by more than 20%, an increase of 0.77% ofthe import price. Recently, domestic enterprises must improve the competitiveness of plant extracts, some of the original mainly imported plant extract products from imported to domesticsupply, and last year the import of the product quantity is big, the market is in a state of saturation, effective demand inhibited import.

           Western medicine: Import & export trend still

           The first three quarters, China western medicine products import and export volume totaled US $43026000000, a year-on-year increase of 12.73%; exports of $23361000000, a year-on-year growth of 7.88%; imported 19665000000 US dollars, year on year growth of 19.09%.

    Among them, the bulk raw material exports amounted to 19283000000 US dollars, year on year growth of 8.15%; export volume year-on-year growth of 5.39%, export prices increased 2.62%.Raw material medicine in western medicine accounted for 82.5%, accounted for the overallpharmaceutical exports 47.67%, large proportion reflects the necessity and urgency of China's health-care product structure adjustment and upgrading of products. The impact of China's bulk raw material by a new version of the GMP, the environmental pressure decline, short period oftight supply, boosting prices, and promote China's bulk raw material exports were resumed growth, but restricted material medicine industry such as the deep problems of excess production capacity has not been effectively resolved, whole, raw material exports growth rate downward trend has been irreversible.

           Western medicine and biochemical medicine exports despite the rise, but the amount of exportsCo., respectively 2152000000 and 1926000000 dollars, exports accounted for only 17.4% of Western medicine, not with raw material medicine par. Domestic enterprises in the focus on the rich product line at the same time, should be the center is inclined to the high-end preparationsdownstream industry chain, relying on raw material medicine solid industrial base, digestion andits excessive production capacity, improve the added value of export products, and strive to realize the strategic transformation of extensive low-end products to high-end products fine.

           The import side, western medicine, western medicine and biochemical drugs accounted for67.43% and imports, import growth has remained at more than two digits, the proportion ofWestern medicine, biochemical drugs in the import trade steadily upgrade. With the landing of China's population structure changes, the market capacity expansion and related supportpharmaceutical development policy, expand import qualifications.

           Medical: import and export growth slowed

           Chinese medical equipment export into the stable growth period, the growth rate of constriction.1~9 month, the medical apparatus and instruments import and export total $26192000000, a year-on-year increase of 5.18%; exports amounted to 14532000000 US dollars, an increase of 3.67%; imports $11660000000, growth of 7.13%.

           Although the number of 11.45% export growth of disposable material products, but the export price has declined 19.44% over the same period, the negative impact of export quantity growthcannot offset the fold reduce export volume fell by 10.22%. High value-added hospital diagnosis and treatment equipment exports tends to be stable, although still with foreign enterprisesexport, but domestic enterprises share rising year by year.

           2 Statistical [market]

           Exports: the mainstream market stability, a slowdown in emerging markets
          1~9 month, China pharmaceutical products are exported to 220 countries and regions in Asia,Europe, and North America is the main export markets of Chinese medicine products, exportswere 10793000000 and 16938000000, and $7325000000 in total, the proportion is as high as 86.65%. China's exports to three markets have increased the amount of exports to Asia, the largest increase, up to 9.89%, for export to Europe and North America rate were 5.85% and4.48%, showed China's export mainstream market is to maintain stable growth trend, but the increase co.. Exports in Asia, Europe, North America market growth of 15.13%, 8.75%, 11.4% respectively, but the price fell 4.55%, 2.67%, 6.21%, reflecting strong mainstream market demand, but the price of more intense competition.

           Emerging market growth joy and sorrow. China's exports fell 0.73% to Africa, in Oceania and Latin America growth respectively 3.04% and 2.22%. Due to the emerging market scale, theincrease or decrease the influence on the Chinese medicine overall export is not obvious.

           Chinese pharmaceutical products are mainly exported to developed countries pattern has not changed, the top 10 export destination are American, India, Japan, Germany, Hongkong, Korea,Holland China, Britain, Brazil and australia. The export volume of the top 10 destinationsaccounted for 57.58%, in the purpose of export sort and export proportion are roughly the samewith the same period last year, the top 10 export destination different degrees of growth inexports has a larger increase, exports are India, Brazil and Japan, an increase of respectively 13.62%, 12.26% and 12.16%.

           Import: the mainstream market increased steadily, the continuous optimization of the structure

    Europe, Asia, North America is the main source of import of China's pharmaceutical products,respectively 6671000000, 17441000000 and 6296000000 dollars, the total accounted for up to 94.78%. 1~9 month, the largest of China's imports from Oceania, Latin America year-on-yearincrease, respectively 41.26% and 27.34%. The number of market of North America and Asiathe growth rate was 131.49% and 35.16%, the average price fell 52.69% and 19.37%; the European market number year-on-year growth of 45.76%, the average price decreased by 20.26%. In the domestic pharmaceutical market stable growth situation, the mainstream of the structure of import source market of imported products in the optimization, the domestic supply capacity in the enhancement.

           China's pharmaceutical products import source country top 10 is American, Germany, Japan,Switzerland, France, Ireland, Italy, Britain, Sweden and Denmark, the proportion is as high as 73.24%, reflecting the import source of China's pharmaceutical products to a high degree of concentration, mainly from the developed country in the pattern remained stable. 1~9 month,Denmark is a country's largest source of imported medical products in our country, an increase of 46.53%; followed by Ireland and France, and reached 33.54% and 26.82% respectively.

           3  structure of enterprises

           Export: Jiangshan half private, foreign-funded outstanding contributions

           1~9 months, the export performance of the pharmaceutical enterprises with a total of 27242,grow 3.26% compared to the same period. Among them, private enterprises accounted for more than 75%, accounted for more than 18.1% foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises accounted for more than 6.2%. Private enterprises completed the exports volume 63.8% and 50.42%. The number of foreign-funded enterprises accounted for only 18.1% of the total number of export enterprises, but many companies are well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies to invest and set up factories in China, higher grade of products and value-added,although exports contributes only 28.42%, has completed 36.38% of the amount of export.

           Three kinds of enterprises are price increments, in the export sector, the price to change volume, market share model can maintain the fight is worth a look.

           Import: funded the first, private owned quite

           Because the industry foundation China medicine is good, strong supporting capacity, and itsmarket development is rapidder, in recent years, multinational pharmaceutical enterprises to speed up the layout in China, China become one of the world's most major pharmaceutical manufacturing center.

           1~9 month, Chinese have pharmaceutical products import performance of the enterprises 16086. The foreign-funded enterprises accounted for more than 42.18%, private enterprisesaccounted for more than 49.58%. Foreign funded enterprises completed the import amount and 56.19% 62.8% imports, few accounted for six into. Private enterprises and state-owned enterprises were completed a number of 27.08% and 10.1% of the amount of imports andimports of 24.73% and 19.03%, with gaps. But the state-owned enterprises accounted for the proportion of all enterprises only 8%, reflecting on the import side, the ability of state owned enterprises is obviously higher than that of private enterprises.

          [statistics] in 4 provinces and cities

          Regional growth is uneven. 1~9 month, exports to occupy the top 5 are Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong. The Guangdong increase of up to 20.58%, an increase of 11.08% of Zhejiang, the first export of Jiangsu Province, an increase of only 1.67%. At the same time, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Shanxi and other Midwest pharmaceutical exportsincreased by more than 70%, of which Guizhou is reached 626.42%, significantly improvevitality; and Tibet, Yunnan, Fujian led the decline in the top three, amplitude 96.39%, 44.77%and 29.31% respectively decreased.

           The eastern coastal area has always been China's pharmaceutical products in main producing areas and medical trade of the main force, but because of the adjustment of industrial structure,the weakening of artificial, environmental protection and resource endowment advantages,coupled with the export base is large and many other reasons, the eastern provinces ofsubstantial growth in difficulties. The western provinces are clearly differentiated, transfer someto actively undertake the eastern capacity, with relatively low cost and human resources and policy support, to obtain the considerable development. But on the overall development, weak East West pattern in the short term will not be much change.

          5 companies ranked and concentration 
         1~9 months, China's exports of the top ten enterprises in Shanghai Yi Shi Xiang Logistics Co. Ltd., Ge Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Zhejiang medicines and health products import and Export Co., Ltd., Tongliao Meihua Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen MINDRAY Bio Medical Electronics Co., Ltd, Ge Hangwei Systems Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Huahai pharmaceuticalLimited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Province Chemical Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd., Zhejiang and into a new Limited by Share Ltd, Commonwealth of Zhuhai pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd.

           China's top twenty enterprises export value accounted for only 6.51%, reflecting the although there are many medicine enterprises in our country, but the scale is small and scattered layout,industry concentration is not high, enterprises leading role is not strong, the production and theefficiency of collaborative difference, anti risk ability is weak etc..

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